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How Colors are important in brand marketing.

Everyday we see lots of color around us. Every color indicates some message. We can use this messages or indications in businesses to improve the sell of a product. 

Brands choose colors carefully depending on the kind of message they want to convey. So here are the list of colors and their importance in businesses

1) Yellow 

It is often used by youthful brands like fashion brands,gadget and accessories. It grabs attention of window shoppers.

2) Red

It revs up energy creates heart rates, creates urgency, often seen in clearance sales. Hence we see this color is used more in the shopping malls.

3) Blue

It creates a sensation of trust and security. It is often used by banks. We can see that most of the banks having their logo in blue color. Facebook also has logo  in blue color. 

4) Green

It is easiest for eyes to process. It is used in stores to relax buyers. It is also used to indicate right or correct things. This color is used to indicate environment friendly products.

5) Orange

This color is aggressive in nature.. It indicates a quick call to action. This color is used to tell consumers about subscribing, buy or sell.

6) Pink

This color is romantic and feminine in nature. It is used by brands who sells women and young girls products. 

7) Black

This color is powerful and sleek. It is generally used to sell the luxury products.

8) Purple

It is used to soothe and calm the people. Beauty and anti ageing products use this color. Purple color is also popular in chocolate brands.

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